Specialists from Smartcanadianpharmacy.com are ready to answer to all of your questions. Through customer support service they often receive general questions about certain drugs. Specialists decided to answer to them in a series of comprehensive interviews that should clarify some misconceptions about Levitra and especially its generics.

Canadian Pharmacy crew consists of experienced pharmacists who work at our offices and practicing doctors who provide their expertise remotely. They collectively collaborated on this article that focuses on positives and negatives of using one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment drugs in the world – Generic Levitra.

First things first, let us talk about this medication. Levitra is a brand name of a drug that contains one active ingredient vardenafil. It is a widely known PDE5 inhibitor that was synthesized independently by several pharmaceutical companies. All medications from this group are extremely efficient vasodilators that also help to achieve strong controllable erection. In terms of mechanism of action, vardenafil acts similarly to that of sildenafil (Viagra). Vardenafil is a drug known all over the world under different trademarks. Indians recognize it under the brand Staxyn, Italians purchase it as Vivanza, and the rest of the world knows the drug under the name Levitra.

The medication earned its fame due to effectiveness and relatively low price. Generic versions of the drug are just as popular as generics of other notorious PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra and Cialis. Many people wonder why should they use generic Levitra instead of other similar drugs.

Pros of Using Generic Levitra

Specialists decided to highlight several advantages of using this drug and we separated them into five groups. These are pros of Levitra:

1.     Vardenafil is versatile. The drug comes in various form factors and can be efficient when distributed both orally and as a dissolvable pill that you can simply put under your tongue. The medication has proven to be just as effective as Generic Viagra despite being considerably cheaper. It starts working quickly and has roughly the same half-life period as Sildenafil.

2.     Time-tested. The drug has been known for nearly two decades. For over a decade, it has been selling in the US. During this period of time, millions of customers tried this drug and reported its amazing efficiency and stable results. Over 85% of men report their complete satisfaction with the results achieved with Levitra. Less than 5% of men report no improvements. This is an extremely high success rate.

3.     There are various “official” doses. The range of strengths of pills include 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. The thing with generic drugs is that many specialists simply do not know how much of the drug they should recommend as an optimal dose to their clients. It is fairly easy to calculate an appropriate amount of Levitra to use for each patient. Generic versions come in stronger pills which can be convenient for those who are less responsive to PDE5 inhibitor based treatment.

4.     Levitra is the middle ground. When you don’t need a long-lasting quick action solution like Cialis and prefer a little bit stronger effect than that of Viagra, Levitra is your most perfect choice. The effect of Vardenafil lasts for up to 5 hours and the drug starts working within 2 hours after the intake. This means that it works slower and less long than Cialis, but faster and longer than Viagra.

5.     Vardenafil is accessible. While some drugs may be less accessible for a wide audience of patients, Levitra comes in many shapes and forms. It is a drug known all over the world and many brand names will be available to you if you search well enough. If you want to try out foreign versions of the drug, remember about your right to purchase abroad any drug for individual usage.

Cons of Using Generic Levitra

While Vardenafil seems like a perfect drug that has its own merits compared to the rest of the competition, there are some negatives that you should be aware of. Some of the issues with Vardenafil are common for the whole group of PDE5 inhibitors. Vardenafil is a typical PDE5 inhibitor that functions similarly to tadalafil, sildenafil, and such. Hence, the list of negatives will include things that are fair for any other PDE5 inhibitor.

1.     Levitra may cause a heart attack. Using drugs like Viagra or generic Levitra is dangerous on its own. People with heart diseases and those with a history of a recent stroke should stay away from sexual activities. This is a general recommendation. Levitra also has a slightly higher risk of causing a heart attack and thus people with weaker heart should avoid this drug.

2.     There are various dangerous adverse effects. Levitra may be dangerous for people with low blood pressure and can also cause temporary deafness and even disrupt your vision for a short while. The list of side effects includes eye pain, back pain, itch, and tachycardia, amongst others. Another frequent condition possible induced by Levitra is priapism. This means that erection persists for longer than 2-3 hours which may lead to permanent damage to penile tissues.

3.     We still do not know enough about the drug. PDE5 inhibitors have been known to medicine for less than 30 years in general. We are still trying to learn how these drugs may affect patients in the long run. The effect of daily usage is not yet fully evaluated. There is simply not enough data to statistically evaluate the drug and calculate its actual efficiency. Adverse effects like deafness and vision loss were discovered fairly recently. There may be other adverse effects associated with the usage of Levitra that we have yet to learn.

4.     Levitra conflicts with lots of drugs. The list of medications that may negatively interact with Levitra is very long and includes specific antibiotics, drugs against HIV/AIDS, and nitrates. Note that there are drugs like nitrites that people usually call simply poppers which are used as aphrodisiacs. These are vasodilators and can severely lower your blood pressure leading to life-threatening conditions. Vardenafil also affects the QT interval and changes the rhythm of your heart which should be considered when using together with other drugs that may change your QT interval.

5.     Levitra makes dates less enjoyable for some people. PDE5 inhibitors may provide their effect slower when taken together with food. It is strongly unadvised to take generic Levitra together with alcohol which is a minor vasodilator that may drop the blood pressure significantly. To top it all off, the vast majority of recreational drugs and aphrodisiacs are not recommended to people who are planning to use Levitra. This combination of limitations may dramatically reduce one’s enjoyment of a preplanned date that involves sexual activities.

The Main Takeaway

Generic Levitra is a drug for your body. Many sexual dysfunctions are caused by psychological conditions that require addressing. Using drugs like Levitra to fix those issues is like running away from the problem that will persist if you keep ignoring it. While some men genuinely struggling with erection, there are people who are trying to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence by using drugs that help with erection. While it is a valid treatment strategy, one must remember that Levitra and similar drugs treat body and not your mind.


These are 5 pros and 5 cons of using Generic Levitra. If you have further questions, keep them coming at our customer support at Smart Canadian Pharmacy! We are always happy to answer your questions!